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Alex Casillas worked as an exceptional mediator between Sunrise Convalescent Hospital and the union supporters. Before being hired by me, the voting group was very pro-union. The local union even brought in a State Assemblyman as well as a member of the City council to bolster their support. Alex was able to connect with many of the union supporters by giving them information that showed the union's true colors. The vote ended up being about 80% pro-company. I highly recommend Alex to any company facing a similar situation.
A commitment to winning...
While facing a union organizing drive brings up many important questions that need to be answered relatively quickly, the quality of these decisions cannot be sacrificed for the sake of expediency. Before making any hasty decisions, you are usually better served by contacting a labor attorney with plenty of experience in union organizing campaigns. He/she will protect and maximize your legal rights, while ensuring full compliance with NLRB laws. 

Shortly after you have retained legal representation, you will need to decide how you are going to communicate your message to the employees legally and effectively. There are basically two methods of running a campaign. 

1. With the assistance and direction of your legal counsel, you use your management team to communicate the message directly to the employees, or,

2. You retain the services of professional direct persuaders (like us) to communicate your message truthfully, legally, and respectfully, directly to your employees also under the legal oversight of your legal counsel and the participation of your management team.

Studies consistently demonstrate that the use of direct persuaders significantly increases the employer's chances of victory by notably enhancing the following elements critical to any successful campaign:

  • Experience. Our consultants have the experience in communicating legally and effectively, in English and/or Spanish, with the voting group.  Managers and Supervisors often have to go through a crash course in labor law and campaigning that more often than not, results in an overcautious approach out of fear of having Unfair Labor Practice Charges filed against them. Your ability to communicate as effectively as possible with the voting group is of paramount importance to a successful campaign and cannot be underestimated. 

  • Credibility. Employees are more likely to rely on information presented by the party that speaks with the most confidence and knowledge.  The fact is that union organizers are experts at selling union representation, on their own, would your management team be able to communicate as effectively with your employees?

  • Resources. By using the proven talent and experience of our team of experts, you significantly increase critical resources you can draw from free of charge!  Our extensive database includes: 
  • Copies of Unfavorable Union Contracts 
  • Damaging Newspaper Articles in English and Spanish 
  • Exposing News-footage 
  • Eye Opening Strike Records
  • Revealing National Labor Relations Board Charges filed by members against all major unions in the United States including Puerto Rico.
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Your consultants' ability to connect with our workforce in such a personal way turned what seemed like a hopeless situation into a most rewarding victory, I cannot thank you enough!"
Ronald Nelsas,
President - Serec Corp.

Action Resources ® 1000 N. Green Valley Parkway - Henderson, NV  89074